He Said/She Said: The Hydra Electric Minds NYD 2016

The Hydra drew a close to their 2015 series with a final blow out on New Year’s Day powered by Electric Minds. John Talabot, Âme, Move D, Axel Boman, Jeremy Underground, Marcus Worgull, Shenoda, Velvit, Endian and Dolan Bergin shrugged off any lingers New Year’s Eve hang overs to provide house, techno and disco in the two rooms of Studio Spaces in Wapping. Mike Barnard and Ann McManus were there.

At the end of his scheduled two hours closing the room Jeremy Underground seemed destined to play on as vocal disco was putting smiles on everyone’s faces.

He Said: “My fifth night at the 2015 Hydra series was the last (despite being in 2016), and one that I was unsure if I’d have the energy reserves for to see through the to the end. The line-up echoed the previous Electric Minds of the series I attended with Move D back on deck duty while the blend of house and disco brought back memories of Dekmantel’s takeover. Question was, how pumped was the Hydra faithful for getting their rave on so soon after New Year’s Eve? Turns out very.

“Arriving at 12.30am, the Black Studio was heaving as Dolan brought an end to his set with Move D fans jostling for position to the point it was hard to get into the room. Such is the affection for the selector at Hydra that it seemed everyone had turned up to see him with his warm house grooves and forays into deep sounds. We would drift between Move D and Endian’s set in the Warehouse where one half of Commix was putting in a shift that darted between heavy techno and lighter house slightly haphazardly though the tunes themselves were choice cuts such as “C’mon Give It Up” by JohNick bringing a shimmering sound to end his set.

“Innervisions cohort Marcus Worgull took over from Endian in the Warehouse with the kind of warm, embracing synths leading into blissful pounding bass that won the label so many fans. Green lasers criss-crossed the dancefloor as Studio Spaces reached peak party time with Shenoda providing a more direct house and techno set in the Black Studio. The Innverisions takeover in the Warehouse continued with a live set from Âme which used a series of tangential breakdowns, including jazzaludes and percussive jaunts, to offset the pounding beats which The Hydra crowd devour whenever they broke through.

“Jeremy Underground’s set in the Black Studio featured the eletro funk of “Can U Feel the Beat” by To Kool Chris and at the end of his scheduled two hours closing the room he seemed destined to play on as vocal disco was putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Eventually even he span his last tune and we piled into the Warehouse for John Talabot. He took over from Axel Boman who seemed keen to mark the first rave of 2016 with a few famous tunes include the Justin Van Der Volgen mix of Todd Terje’s “Inspector Norse” while Talabot offered a more leftfield set of deep house to round out the night and see us off into 2016 nicely.”

Innervisions crew member Marcus Worgull guided us through a spectrum of fun tribal sounds, toying with a remix of Victor Ruiz’s “Rollercoaster”

She Said: “For regulars on London’s night scene, New Year’s Day has come to out-shine clubbing on New Year’s Eve. The crowd know what they are doing on New Year’s Day, and the DJs see this as the last massive night of the party season before the January lull, pulling out something special for the last ones standing.

“The much-revered Move D was a big draw for this evening’s Hydra party. The Black Studio was rammed, despite the music, in my view, being a little flatter than usual for the German, who explored many genres before finding his calling in techno. Meanwhile in the Warehouse, Endian was smoothly pushing the tempo up to deep house, generating increasing activity on the dance-floor and winning through punters from the Black Studio.

“Marcus Worgull was a name on the line-up I knew little about, but as he teased the audience with rhythmic deep house before bulldozing into my preferred darker spectrum of house-verging-on-techno, I was intrigued. The Innervisions crew member guided us through a spectrum of fun tribal sounds, toying with a remix of Victor Ruiz’s “Rollercoaster”, a track with a flexibility that deserves it more airtime.

“The mood took an arcane turn as Âme played a live set, cajoling the crowd into late night mode with emotive vocals over his twisting base layer of beats, before going in deep. The crowd got fully involved as he cranked his way to a drop, with the unexpected accompaniment of a Middle Eastern sax sample. While this combination was skillfully executed, the next experimental wind involving an electric guitar sample ended terribly, with an unfortunate introduction of rock vocals taking away from the skillful build up.

“John Talabot drew a close to the evening, staying true to his dreamy sound for the first hour before, nodding to the fact it was 8am and the crowd beginning to feel it a little, infused vigor into the dancefloor, finishing with a dynamic journey through a range of tech-house sounds.”

She Said by Ann McManus. Images Ayden Whitfield.

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