SaSaSaS presents and Get Hype Records took over a room each for FABRICLIVE on Friday, December 8th for a dual drum & bass session loaded with heavyweight names. Mike Barnard was there.

The SaSaSaS set was 90 minutes of pure drum & bass pleasure.

It had been a long time since a trip to FABRICLIVE on a Friday night, and it certainly wasn’t the most welcoming night to venture out. Yet, a bitterly cold wintry night did little to put off the drum & bass faithful with a typical Fabric queue edging round the corner from Charterhouse Street with even more waiting to pick up tickets across the road. This was going to be a busy one.

We descended the stairs to emerge on the room one mezzanine where the junglist vibes of Serum had got the crowd’s vocal chords warmed up thanks to Inja being on the MC duties. His calls were greeted with responses on every occasion as the early arrivals wasted no time in skanking out on the dancefloor while others lined the barrier on the balcony eagerly watching on. However, rather than get stuck in on the bodysonic dancefloor we headed to room two for a stint with the Get Hype Record takeover.

DJ SS was still warming up room two as we emerged into his rolling beats infused with reggae dubs. There was plenty of space as he dropped a pair of classics in Shy FX’s ‘Shake Your Body’ then DJ Marky & XRS’s ‘LK’ - both always guaranteed a positive reaction. Soon the masses started to pour in ahead of The Protoypes getting behind the decks and we’d find ourselves up one of the raised sections as an air of anticipation took over.

Armed with hits such as ‘Levelz’ and ‘Pop It Off’, The Prototypes set was heavy, dark and gritty. MC 2Shy ensured rewinds were reserved for only the biggest tunes and it soon became difficult to move around the dancefloor and our vantage point on the raised platform was regularly invaded by those looking to get out of the throbbing mass. How would the SaSaSaS top this?

We’d been back in room one very briefly for Hospital producer Danny Byrd with his liquid sound which popped off when he ripped into ‘Bad Boy (Back Again)’ to enthusiastic whoops from the crowd, yet nothing compared to the atmosphere when we returned for SaSaSaS. Skibadee, Shabba D, Harry Shotta, Stormin, DJ Phantasy and Macky Gee were up on stage promising to unite all forms of drum & bass tonight, but it was a battle to get in eyeshot of the crew such was heaving mass vying for a prime spot.

We’d get relatively central as they launched into ‘Anthem’, and then were off as each MC took a turn to spit the rhymes and hype up the adoring crowd. The FABRICLIVE faithful was gripped with smiles, arms in the air and roars of approval - this was 90 minutes of pure drum & bass pleasure and an ideal headline set that managed to put one up on The Prototypes who had been excellent themselves. A little over a year on from the landmark appeal victory that meant Fabric could re-open, the iconic London club is alive and well, still serving up quality drum & bass on a Friday night.

Images by Anna Wallington.

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